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Have you been searching for the efficiency and maintenance freedom a true vinyl window offers but love the look of wood?

You have come to the right place…

Introducing the only TRUE HYBRID Window on the market….


With TimberView technology

Sherwood triple pane window exceeds energy star guidelines offering you tremendous energy savings.

Never before has there been a window on the market that combines the best of both worlds. The true performance offered by a vinyl window with the beauty of wood.

Available in Oak and Poplar, ready to finish or stain to match your interior, our Sherwood window can bring it all home for you. The key to the Sherwood Window is its patented TimberView technology. This technology allows a  “float” method requires no adhesives or fasteners to bind the materials. An improvement over "cladding" this is a unique solution allowing the vinyl and wood to expand and contract in their own fashion. For you, this means no potential moisture build up behind the wood, giving you a high quality window that you will enjoy for years. 

Our transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that your satisfaction is assured!

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Features & Benefits of SHERWOOD Hybrid Windows


1. Premium Hardwood Interior

Oak or poplar wood is ready for stain or paint

2. 3-1/4” Frame Construction

Multi-chambered frame installs easily

3. Fusion Welded Frame and Sash

            Superior in strength to mechanical systems available in white or clay exterior colors

4. 3/4” IntelliGlass High Performance Glass

Double Strength Low E Glass with argon gas

5. Integral Interlocks at meeting rail and sill

Form tight seals to keep the elements out

6. Sloped Sill

Efficient water management

7. Recessed Locks and Flush Mount Tilt Latches

Unobtrusive appearance, allows for cleaning available in several finishes

8. Constant Force Balance System

Smooth, quiet, adjustment-free operation

9. Full Screen

Color matched frame and fiberglass mesh

10. Patented TimberView Technology

Wood and Vinyl “float” together for long life

Optional Features

  • Snap-in Grilles
  • Between the glass grids
  • Integral Nailing Fin
  • 2 & 3 Lite Sliders
  • Picture Windows

Performance Values

Operating Force                  30 lbs.

Air Infiltration                         .28 cfm / ft2

Water Resistance                7.5 psf

Structural Test Pressure      75 psf

Deglazing                             N/A

Forced Entry Resistance    passed

IntelliGlass LE U-Value       .31

Sherwood windows with any IntelliGlass High Performance Glazing package meet ENERGY STAR requirements for all areas of the USA.