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Tiger Foam® Insulation Kits - Homeowner and DIY

Tiger Foam®® Insulation Kits come complete with gun and hose assembly, extra nozzle tips, and require no outside power source or additional machinery to apply. These portable and disposable foam insulation kits are Easy to Use, even for first timers. 

Tiger Foam®® Surface Spray Formulas are all E-84 fire rated by ASTM. This means additional protection for you and your family. We also use only the safest ingredients available. Our foam is water blown, contains no CFCs, VOCs or Formaldehyde. Our fire retardants meet the EPA requirements for environmentally sustainable products in this classification. There are no dangerous chemicals and this foam cures in 5 minutes. 

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IF this foam burns (or melts) if your home catches fire, it won't off-gas any more than the wood studs will and the smoke will be comprised of mostly carbon dioxide. Another benefit of using Tiger Foam® Insulation's BIO-SAFE formulas!

This product is well-engineered, but it is a two component chemical process that makes the foam. Therefore, there are explicit instructions you must follow to get the best results. We are EXTREMELY careful to make this information available to you in our PDF Data Sheet Section and urge you to read the operating instructions and the FAQ. The FAQ is especially informative and can be downloaded in PDF by CLICKING HERE or is available in Technical Links above.

Of course, we also welcome your phone call to discuss your particular application and methods if you have any question about using our product. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your need to seal, insulate, waterproof or fill any area of your structure, home or application that requires great insulation.

Common uses to save BIG on heating and cooling costs and add comfort: 

  • Additions or New Build, whole house construction - Surface Spray wall Cavities - for new methodology for maximizing insulative value - Check out FOAM & BATT method.
  • Metal Buildings of any size - seals, insulated and adds structural stability. 1" does wonders in metal buildings! STOPS condensation in its tracks!
  • Basements and Crawlspaces - permanent (doesn't fall off after a few years like batts can and it's practically waterproof and is the smart, permanent choice for flood and hurricane zones)
  • Rim Joists and Sill Plates
  • Penetrations
  • Block Walls - spraying the surface actually creates a better thermal break than filling cores.
  • Fill Existing Wall Cavities with our Slow Rise Cavity Fill Formula
  • HVAC Ductwork
  • Under floors - seals against moisture and temperature
  • Soundproofing between rooms or floors
  • Garage ceilings when there is a hot or cold room above the garage. Works Great!
  • Under mobile homes, to permanently seal and insulate. No more cold floors!
  • Hundreds of uses...

Have a well-insulated day and please call us if you have any questions at all. This product is very user friendly and work very well when you follow simple directions. Don't wait until WINTER to do this. It's a lot easier to work in the relative warmth than freezing cold.

We welcome your inquiries and there are many ways of contacting us. Phone, Contact Form, or just ASK MR. FOAM - and get your project done with a great feeling of accomplishment when the results are more than you expected.